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Orders manager is a complete system management for restaurants, pubs, bars and in general for all the facilities that offer services of food and beverage.


Smartphone with app
PC desktop with software
Compatibility with all Windows and Android devices
  • Possibility to take orders from any Android device with the free app
  • Compatibility with any Windows PC
  • Interface optimized for touch screen but easily usable with mouse and keyboard devices
Dishes management
Full management of registries
  • Registry of tables
  • Registry of dishes
  • Registry of beverages
  • Registry of additional ingredients
Kitchen interface
Management of orders
  • Ability to view on-screen the orders and / or print it
  • Possibility to set the order as processed or partially processed by selecting individual dishes / drinks delivered to the customer
  • The orders are divided into two categories "Kitchen" and "Piano Bar" in order to display only the information about the location of interest
  • Management takeaway orders
  • Ability to temporarily disable a dish, a drink or an extra ingredient temporarily unavailable
Checks interface
Bills management
  • Ability to view on the screen and print the bill of a table
  • Total or partial bill by selecting individual items paid
  • Full management of covered
Stock interface
Full stock management
  • You can select drinks / dishes that have to be managed in the stock
  • Alert management through sending report emails of stocks running low
  • Possibility to charges and discharges items from any location
Simple to install / configure and use
  • No need of special installation procedures: download the software, and activates a free account of 15 days
  • The data is stored in a cloud environment in absolute security, no data is stored on the local device
  • The configuration interface is very intuitive, and the changes are reflected immediately on all devices connected to the account
  • It does not require that the devices are connected to the same wifi network but all the devices must be connected to the internet: you can take orders from a smartphone placed at any distance from the cash.